Transport of Moscow: getting out of the airport

So, you’ve just landed in Sheremetyevo or Domodedovo, picked up your luggage and want to pursuit to the new adventures in the Russian capital. But how to get to the city? Frankly speaking there are only two ways – taxi or aeroexpress.
photo by SergeGordei@FlickR
Taxi is very easy to get in special windows but before you can get to them you will be attacked by illegal taxi-drivers. Not use their service cause you will see the car only after giving the money in 90% of cases. And the car can be like that:
   photo by SqueakyMarmot@FlickR

Moreover the cost of such trip can be from 1200 rubles to 2500 thousands ($40-$80) depends on the airport and time of the day (at night it will be more expensive).

So if you’re just a youngster willing to travel and meet new cultures it is more interesting to use aeroexpress train. The departure station of this express located on every airport (only if you are in Sheremetyevo you may have to use a free bus to get to the station from your terminal):
photo by zoitid@FlickR
Arrival station depends on airport you’re goinf from. Train from Sheremetyevo airport is coming to the Belorussky railway station in the very center of the city (the main Tverskaya street of the city is in 50 meters), from Domodedovo you will get to the Paveletsky railway station and from Vnukovo airport to Kievsky railway station.Ticket costs (for now) 320 rubles that is around $10-$12, you can buy it in the cash desk or by means of special terminal – by this avoiding the queues – the phenomenon you will face very frequently in Moscow ;)Trip in aeroexpress will last about 35-45 minutes depending on departure airport (consequently you’re avoidign moscow traffic which can dramatically increase duraton of the taxi trip) and will be very comfortable.By the way you can get all the info aout this red train and book tickets beforehands here

Well, for the first time i think thats enough. Next time i will tell you about Moscow metro.

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2 Responses to Transport of Moscow: getting out of the airport

  1. Portart says:

    Well, quite interesting – i spend a lot of time searchin the web to find out something about moscow transport. Will you write something about metro?

  2. realmoscow says:

    Yes, i’l ldo it in the nearest future. I’ll post some interesting data about where you should stay to caths the opened door and enter the train without queue and how to understand in which door in the coach you should enter to be near the enter form the station after leaving the train

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