Moscow Myths

There are a lot of myths about Russia and Moscow. I do not speak about bears or smth like that, cause for sure you know thats it is crap. But there are also some serious myths like that the streets of Moscow are extremely dangerous (myth №1), russian women are all the way depressed by men (myth №2), and to end with myths that here is so cold in winter that you’ll die if stay outside mor than 5 minutes (myth №3).

I very much like Myth Busters  so now I’ll like them bust these 3 myths, so lets’go.

Myth №1: Moscow is extremely dangerous

Well, actually there are some places, neighbourhoods and days when you should be on the alert for eg  if you will go to not famous but crowded and cheap night-club there is probability to face bad guys and girls, or else if you go to neighbourhoods that are suburbans like Butovo at night time you can meet same guys from that same night club.

Also ther are a few days on the calendar when different combat arms like frontier guard or landing troops are celerating their Glory Days – for eg. for paratroopers it is 2nd August and at this day it’s better not to visit Gorky Park (Central Park of Culture and Leisure) where paratroopers usualy spend this day drinlking a lot and fighting with each other and passers-by and baths in the fountains – tradition what can i say 😉

So if you do not looking for problems and aware about some pecularities of Moscow life – everything is going to be fine.
Myth №2: Women are depressed by men

Well,I agree that Russia is not the most feministic place in the world however women are absolutely equal in their rights with the men, for eg. now the number of women in Parliament  (the State Duma) is increasing by each year.

Russia  now has very serios demographic situation when where the number of women exceeds the number of men on 10 000 000. So for each man there is a couple of women and some guys become spoiled by this situation and do not appreciate women as they deserve. It is from the one point of view. From another there is very developed opinion that man should always help woman i.e. open door for her, give her a chair in the restaraunt and so on. Many women from US for eg. feel uncomfortable in such situations and can be even offended (i heard about this a couple of times). However, this can not be named as ”patriarchal society” – as for me thats nice).

So now you can situation like that.

Myth №3: Extremely cold city esp in winter

I can say that i’ve met some foreigners who were sure that summer temperature in russia is about zero degrees. I hope you are not like them, guys cause nowadays summer in Moscow is exrtemely hot – last one was with 35–42 degrees Celsium.

What about atumn – for September and fisrt half of October temp is 10-15 degrees, for second half of october and beginning of November 3-8 degrees in average i think. And from November the winter starts and can be quite cold indeed – up to -25 degrees but usualy this is at night time and only a couple of days during the whole winter. So if you are well prepared (I mean warm clothes and ability to drink alchohol in good society) – all will be ok.

photo by tosska@FlickR
Espesially if you will use car and public transport like metro where is quite warm even in winter. Also you should be prepared for snow – usually there is a lot of it. But thats winter, isnt it?
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