Moscow center – Red October

Okay, you are in the center of Moscow armed with coupons and good mood, willing to explore this city, find the most interesting and famous places.
Well, if you’re just about to see the Red Square and St. Basils Cathedral you need to buy map and follow its instructions. I want to tell you about new placed of Moscow, that could be name the hallmark of the city.As for me, the most interesting place in nowadays city is the territory of the past chocolate Factory Red October – located on the arrow of the Moscow river – big area of red buildings is now the center of  innovation, luxury and modern life.
photo by Pchelkin@FlickR
Now there located  Strelka Institute – school of media, architecture and design Very interesting place where cool events can be found (for eg. presentation from some big boss from IT companies like Abbyy, Apple and etc. or night cinema with cool films). And very  good bar with the outdoor terrace view on the Moscow river – on summer absolutely charming. Although inside it looks fantastic too:
Digital October– is a place where IT entrepreneurs of Moscow, Russia and the whole world do their events – seminars, presentations etc. Also there a Progress Bar can be found. Cool place to spend a couple of hours and business networking.
The night club “Рай” (Rai) is located nearby. This is the most famous, expensive and glamorous place of night Moscow. I haven’t ever been there but heard a lot – you can try to overcome the face-control and dance there.
As for me, the next place is the most beautiful in the Red October neighbourhood – the Patriarch’s bridge. I think it can be compared to Vaclav’s bridge in Prague  although the one in Moscow is very new and modern.
photo by dorian7@FlickR
The bridge offers a spectacular view of the Kremlin and the Moscow river. Very beautiful. The bridge ends by the Savior Cathedral – the main Russisn Ortodoxal church cathedral,builded in fond of the Victory in war with Napoleon (1812) destroyed in 1920-s and re-builded in 1990-s. You should enter and see this magnificient building from the inside. It should be an unforgettable experience.
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