Moscow traffic – welcome to hell

If you’re about to rent a car and explore the city as a driver I want to ask you to re-consider this decision. If you’ll travel at night time – okay, but from 7.00 untill 22.00 in the suburbans there are huge traffic jams where you can spend up to 4-5 hours a day.I don’t think you’ll be happy about this, but now the public transport is the best – I do not say comfortable – way to move around the city. But if you eventually decided to drive by yourself I’ll tell you about some workarounds. First of all remember that rounds in Moscow are organised in circles, 4 circles to be exact – Bul’varnoe kol’tso (Boulevard circle) is the very center of the city, moves near Kremlin and other famous places, Sadovoe Kol’tso (Garden cirlce) – is the border of historical city – while driving here remember that in the mornign the inner side of this circle is moving faster and in the middle of the day situation becomes equal – trafiic on both sides.

By the way, if you have an iPhone or Android install Yandex.Maps application – it allows you to see traffic, road reconstructions and accidents on the map (like on the pic higher).
Also, when driving in the centre you should remember that inspite of the parking on the street is free, it is forbidden in many places and your car can be evacuated in 5 minutes. In this case your day will be absolutely broken. To get your car back first you would have to go to Pechatniki metro station, then 10 stops on bus, there stay in the queue for a couple of hours to get the fine paper, then go to the car pound, stay in the queue there and only after this you will get your car. By the way it can be damaged, so it’s better to check twice. After you’ve got your car back you could return to your honey traffic jam)
Also use trams and bus in the centre – is a bad idea, cause they are very big and slow – and nobody wants to let them go. Though in the suburbans there’re special road lanes dedicated primarily for public transport, driving there is forbidden for usual cars. So it will be faster)Well, now you’re well prepared and should go explore the city. In the next post we’ll talk about places to go – couple of restaraunts, cinemas and so on. Cheers.

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