Moscow places. Where to eat

Hi guys! As i promised this time we’ll talk about placed to eat. Well, there are huge amount of such places and where to go depends mostly on how much you are ready to spend. If you are just about to get some fast food before going to event or smth. you can go to usual McDonald’s, KFC or Sbarro. If you want to just drink a cup of coffee or get it with you – Starbucks is on your service.
Prices may differ very much from what you can find in Europe (in both ways).
Youngsters like me are also like Friday’s. Especially on Puskinskaya metro station. It is very big, noisy and funny place which I recommend you to visit during your staying in Moscow.
photo by KindMan@FlickR
And now I’ll tell you about my favourite restaraunt in the city. Actually Iam not the Michelin expert, and have not visited all of the Moscow luxury restaraunts, but as for me the Denic Davydov restaraunt located nearby Semenovskaya metro station is what you need in this city.
Restaraunt is named for russian partisan of the Napoleonic war period (1812) -Denys Davydov was also a poet. Very interesting person, shortly speaking.
Lets move to the food. Meat, fish dishes and salads combined with special type of beer made up in the restaraunt are absolutely marvelous. The interior is in French style. i think. On the first floor you will find good bar hall to drink beer and watch sports on big screen:
On the second (my favourite) you’l lfind two halls. I prefer the non-smoking hall – it is more pleasant not to smell the cigarette smoke plus an interior is more cute there:
Average chel for dinner on two persons will be about $100 without alchohol. Not so cheap but also is quite ok if remember the quality of food and interiors. In one word – i like this place and recommend it to you.
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  1. Super post. Some good points you mention in there.

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