Where to buy apple and other devices in Moscow

Today the main news are all about Steve. Steve Jobs died. RIP. He was an extraordinary person,“insanely great” – his favourite phrase – entrepreneur and  engineer both in technical and mental sense. I wish he would have been living forever but, unfortunately, his way here is over.
We always will remember him – it’s so easy cause the world we know nowadays ais built by him together with other genius, politics etc. So thank you and goodbye, Steve.
But life is going on and we should positive – Steve would appreciate if even at such day people spoke not only about him as a person but also about his achievements resulted in different software, hardware and devices. As I think so, today we’ll speak about where in Moscow you can by Apple devices and not only them.First of all the greatest electronic trade center is “Gorbushka” located on metro station “Bagrationovskaya”. It is huge electronic market where you can find everything you want. And it can be much more cheaper cause many of devices were illegally transported to Russia and not intended to be sold here. But who cares =) It is a cheaper way to get an HTC or iPhone not spending a fortune. Also it can be treated as one of the sights of real Moscow and is worthy of visiting.
Another store i want to tell you about is and Apple reseller Re:Store – famous network of Russian-origin brand that have its shops in many countries in Europe and worldwide.
It looks expensive. And in fact it is. But who cares – if you are a real Apple fan you will spend all your money to get a new iPhone 4S (“for Steve”).
photo by russkie@FlickR
By the way the opening of original Apple Store is expected after the opening of the “Moskva” hotel after reconstruction – the first Apple Store will be there.
Other places where you can get the devices are Mvideo shops, Belyi Veter (can be found on gorbushka) and mobile salons like Svyaznoy and Evroset’ – there are plenty of them so we will not describe all – you just can type these names in Google and see their locations. So goodluck guys. See you later this week.
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