Russian food – where to find local cuisine

Hi everybody! Today we’ll talk about Russian food and where to get it fast and cheap. Even If you’re not familiar with Russian cuisine you for, while travelling or living in Moscow you have great opportunity to enjoy taste and flavour of multiple dishes. Here i will give you a top of dishes you should try being here and where you can get them.


Is a beet soup which can be named among other traditional Russian things ad Matryoshka, Red Square and ballet. To use this vegetable for the basis can seem as a strange idea for the Westerner but the taste of the soup full of vegetables and meat, the layered flavors in this soup are especially nice with a dollop of fresh sour cream called “Smetana” in Russian.

photo by AndreiZ@FlickR

Although Moscow is full of luxury and famous restaraunts, as for me the best borshch in the city is the cafe “Korchma” – the network of Ukrainian cafes with traditional interiors, which looks very nice.


Russian pancakes can go with caviar (“ikra”) what is excellent with vodka, meet what is perfect main dish of you dinner or sweet condensed milk called “sgushyonka” – you’ll eat your fingers with this dessert.

photo by KevinBeelcroft@FlickR

The beast what i can advice for getting blini is a Russian-style fast food network “Teremok” – they make very good big pancakes with different fillings. Although At any restaurant where you aren’t sure of any of the other dishes, blini are always a safe bet


Vodka can be found on any beverage menu and can be of different quality, so it is better not to drink the cheapest one. Beer is very popular in Russia too and you can find some really good sorts, including even known abroad as for eg. “Baltika” beer whic is famous for its numeric designation of sorts, the strongest type is №9. I think you should at least try it.

photo by Almartino@FlickR

Beer also can be found at every restaurant or shop. But remember that it is prohibited to drink beer on the street.

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