Moscow metro

Today we will speak about one of the most famous Moscow attractions – system of underground transport, that is Metro. From the opening of the first metro line in 1935 until now it is the most interesting place to visit. I will tell you about several beautiful stations and tell some hints and tips about using the system. By the way official Moscow Metro’ english website is

First of all you should buy a ticket to enter the station. It is better to buy it after the rush hour has gone approximately from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m is the best time to buy otherwise you will spend up to 15 minutes in the big queue (although the queues are moving quite fast). The ticket now costs about $0.90 (28 RUR).  Metro ticket  looks like usual plastic card and you can buy it only at the cash desk on the stations halls.

To buy ticket not in the rush hour is the best choise also because of the fact that women at the cash desk always do not know a single word of english and they would hardly understand ticket for many trips you want to buy and of course they won’t understand if you’ll ask them to explain how you should get to the required point (which line, where to change station etc.). So if you’ll start to chat with them while they do not understand a single word stopping by this a queue in a rush hour people can be very angry by this fat. So, you understand 😉

So you’ve just bought a ticket and went down to the station. What to expect to see? Further i will present my top-list of the most beautiful stations.

1. Mayakovskaya

The station opened 11 September 1938 got a gran-prix at the 1939 New York World’s Fair.  From 1980 it has an official monument status and secured by the state. Now two entries are available – one from the Tverskaya Street (recently rebuild in the Vladimir Mayakovsky style, words of his lyrics are painted on the walls – looks very beautiful and inspiring) and the one from the Mayakovsky Square side. The station is extremely beautiful and for me it is the best place to start your acquaintance with the metro.

Also as this station is not a hub for changing lines there are much less people and you will have more opportunites to make good photos. The station belongs to the green line (Zamoskvoretskaya) and you can easily get to the Kremlin or Puskin Square using it.

2. Komsomol’skaya

This station was opened in 1952 and today serve as very importan transport hub of the city – there are two lines of metro (you can switch from the Cirlce Line to the red Sokol’nicheskaya line) and three reailway stations – Yaroslavksky Vokzal and Leningradsky Vokzal, Kursky Vokzal.
So from this station you can go and explore St.Petersburg, Yaroslavl and Kursk or just visit cities of Moscow Region.

3. Ploshad’ Revolutsii

Opened in 1938 and from that period till nowadays this is one of the most beautiful stations. It belongs to the Blue line (Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya) which equipped with new type trains what increase the comfort of using the line. This station is located near the Red Square and perform the role of the hub – you can switch to the Teatral’naya station of the green line and come up to the city near the Bol’shoy Theatre or you can switch to the Okhotny Ryad of the red line and go to the same named trade center.
The bronze figures of the station are pretty famous among the muscovites. For eg. to touch the nouse of the one of the four frontier guard’s dog is a good omen – students before exams, and other people willling to find a good luck in their business are coming and touching this nose what makes it looks polished.

Tips of using the Metro

I will give you only a couple of advices, i think it will suffice 🙂

1. To buy ticket more than for 5 trips – It will help you to save money and time on staying in the queues especially if you’re trying to use subway in the beginning of a month – most of people who buy a monthly ticket will go and buy new one, so the number of people in cash desks will increase.

2. To enter to the train directly without fighting in a queue you should stay on the line of the arch of the station, cause the doors of the wagon will open suchwise to allow people exit the wagon without need to get over the walls directly to the station hall. So stay like that:

3. Not to use subway in rush our – this is for the sake of your own safety. You don’t want to stake in the human’s trafiic like this uh?
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