Interview. Working in Moscow – Glauber Costa

Hey everybody! We are continuing our “Expat inteview” section and today we’ll talk with Glauber Costa, Brazilian Software Engineer, working at Parrallels, Moscow. As I’ve graduated from one of the Moscow Universities on the Computer Science faculty, you can imagine how Iam excited and happy to talk with this guy.

For sure you now can’t imagine how it is – to move to cold Moscow to Brazilian man with family. But this makes our interview even more interesting.

Realmoscow: How have you decided to move to Moscow? And How do you find this city for life after all you’ve experienced?

Glauber: I didn’t exactly decided to move to Moscow. I decided to accept an offer from a Muscovite company, and the move was part of the package. That said, my first impression of Moscow, is that it is an amazingly beautiful city. Rich in entertainment options, and I knew from the start that I’d have a good time here. However, I later found out that all this would have a price =). Comparing to other places I’ve lived in, Moscow is a very expensive city. Real Estate and restaurants seem to be especially expensive. Also, my home country, Brazil, has a culture that seem a lot similar to Russia, compared for example, to the United States. So aside from some minor problems – like the fact that very few people speak English and I don’t yet speak Russian, I’d say it is going smoothier than I anticipated!

Realmoscow: What is your favourite place to eat and to go out?

Glauber: I think I have a lot yet to know in Moscow. I didn’t yet have the chance to know bar, night clubs, and go out in general. So I can only talk about restaurants. I can say without being afraid of exaggeration, that Pushkin Cafe is one of the best restaurants I’ve been to, worldwide. There is also a very nice restaurant close to the place I am temporarily staying, at Prospect Mira, called Liuc’en, that is just perfect for dinners when I want something slightly fancier. As for my everyday routine, I have pancakes for breakfast almost daily at Shokoladnitsa.

photo by Aiyah@FlickR

Realmoscow: Which places in Russia do you like besides Moscow?

Glauber: Unfortunately, none. I am still not fully established here, and I am pretty busy with the move. But I am hoping to go to Saint Petersburg soon.

Realmoscow: How long do you plan to stay with us in this city and maybe you have new ideas what to do here like start new business or smth else?

Glauber: I don’t have a due date! I I will stay as long as the company wants me here. It will also depends on whether or not my wife is able to find some occupation here. If she doesn’t find a job, we are considering opening up a Brazilian restaurant. Let’s see what the future reserves to us!

I want to say big “Thanks man” to Glauber. As for me this interview was very interesting and i hope to pursue our acquiantance in further life in this city.

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