International Business Center – welcome to the 21st century

 As we often talk about places to go in Moscow – the Cityor International Business Center is for sure  a must see neighbourhood. One of my favourite places reminds me of New York or London, so if you are from America, England or smth like Hong-Kong – you will be like at home.

The Moscow International Business Center is expected to become the first zone in Russia to combine business activity, living space and entertainment in one single development. The history of City began in 1992 when preparations for the buildings started. Before construction began, the area represented an old stone quarry where most of the buildings were old factories and industrial complexes that had been closed or abandoned – Wikipedia tells us.

The construction of Moscow IBC is taking place on the Presnenskaya embankment of the Moscow River approximately 4 kilometers west of Red Square, and just east of the Third Ring Road.

The towers are not single thing to view. The Bagration Bridge through the Moscow Rivew is also worthy of visiting. Bagration Bridge is a pedestrian bridge spanning the Moscow River in Moscow. It has two levels, a length of 214 metres and a width of 16 metres. It connects Tower 2000 to the main Moscow International Business Centre.

How to get there
Major thoroughfares through Moscow-City are the Third Ring and Kutuzovsky Prospekt.
Three metro stations were initially planned for the Filyovskaya Line (light blue). The station “Delovoi Tsentr” (Business Center) opened in 2005, and was later renamed to “Vystavochnaya” (“Exhibition”) in 2009. The branch extended to the “Mezhdunarodnaya” (“International “) station in 2006.
photo by Vokabre@FlickR
The construction of the Moscow City is a first step of creating a bigger International Business Centre – a new district os Moscow which is now on the stage of planning and design. It will be located among current Business Center and the Khoroshevskoe Shosse highway.
And this is how the towers look at night – fascinating. You should see this:
photo by bazilbox@FlickR
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