Interview: Jean-François Veneziano

Today we will speak with a very interesting person – Jean-François Veneziano, an executive director of Moscow Translation Agency will tell us about his already four-year Moscow experience, impressions the city and people have left. I was really excited before this interview cause Jean-François left an impression of a very clever, nice and knowledgeable person. And i want to say that after the interview that impression began even more deep. So, let’s go guys.

Realmoscow: How have you decided to move to Moscow? And How do you find this city for life after all you’ve experienced?

Jean-François: My wife is Russian. We met in Nice (France). We stayed 4 years in Belgium where we worked and lived happily but the economy, as in the old Europe is stabe and even decreasing… so we decided to move to Moscow to give a boost in my career and to enlarge my vision and understanding of the East.
I find life very easy and comfortable in Moscow. Transportation in the city is one of the most comfortable I have experienced, a lot of taxi (official or not) really cheap, very nice restaurant / cafes. People interesting and really pleasant to meet and talk with. Maybe my opinion is just good as foreigners but I find Russian really opened, always eager to help me and to make efforts to understand me.
The weather is very nice. I like this continental climate when the seasons are stable and respected. Yes, the winter and the snow are not what I like but it is dry and we have wonderful spring, summer and autumn… which is really better that this grey and rainy weather that we have in Belgium, north of France, Holland…

Realmoscow: What is your favourite place to eat and to go out?

Jean-François: There are a lot, I like Globosushi on Novy Arbat, food is wonderful and it is so varied. Dacha – traditional russian cuisine with quite decent price
Goodbeef: where you can find tasty meat at a decent price, not killing price as quite everywhere in Moscow… Le carre blanc: French restaurant in pure french style, reasonnable price and high quality cuisine. Very nice french people too.
I like to walk in the center of the city, day and night. In the boulevard with their flowers and green places. In parks…
I am quite conservative in my life-style so I will not surprise anybody with the places I like to go 🙂

Realmoscow: Which places in Russia do you like besides Moscow?

Jean-François: Unfortunately, in 4 years, I did not visit a lot of places other than Moscow. for some reasons as I wanted to discover Moscow 1st, and it is not finished yet and there are so many nice places.
I visited St Pete twice. I like it but unfortunately the weather reminds me Belgium too much… so it is a minus….but it is a nice city too, and architecture is awesome.
I visited Nizhny-Novgorod along Volga. Really interesting and nice city. I was really surprised with the beauty of some parts of this city and the warmness of people.

photo by Retlaw Snellac@FlickR

Realmoscow: How long do you plan to stay with us in this city and maybe you have new ideas what to do here like start new business or smth else?

Jean-François: I don’t plan to leave. I think I really found what I needed in professional life. Of course, my family and friends are missing me a lot but I know that I couldn’t find the same quality of professional position, life-style and perspectives in Western countries… so I keep on my choice and try to visit my relatives often.
About starting business, a lot of things can be created… you just have to find the chance to do it successfully.

I want to say really big “Thank you” to Jean-François for spending his time and answerin this questions. You are great man!

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