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Today we will speak about more usual, mundane things like searching for the job, renting a flat or hiring a teacher for your children or yourself. First of all Moscow, like every megapolis can offer huge variety of opportunities both for your career and personal development. You just should be open to new adventures and challenges, however beeing quite careful and keeping your head cold and everything will be fantastic and you’ll enjoy life in this city. So lets move on and find out some tips and interesting information!

How to find a job in Moscow?

Well, if you are afraid of not getting good job opportunities because of you not perfect knowledge of Russian language take it easy. There are plenty of companies for which only English will suffice completely.

photo by JustinBess@FlickR

Biggest Russian recruiting sites are and However almost all of their vacations posted in Russian so you will need to use Google Translate or other dictionaries to understand what do they want. However, very good English-language positions can be found. To search for more international jobs in Moscow it is good idea to use website.

Well, there is the time to speak once again visas. There are a several types of business visas:

1) Standard business visa
2) Employment by foreign company representative offices
3) Employment by Russian company.

Standard business visas provide a legal way for you as a foreigner to visit Russia for a business trip without necessity of being employed full time by company in Russia. It is also a common way of staying in Russia for a long period, as standard tourist visas are valid for up to 1 month only.

If you want to be employed in Russia by a representative office of a foreign company you need to complete two procedures: obtain an accreditation card and get a work permit. To complete this process better it will be good to use services of a professional law company.

Employment by a Russian company is a bit of easier than by a foreign representative office. However, it requires certain not that fast and pleasant steps on the part of the employer to be taken, however only once (such as registration in PVU GUVD) – but lets leave this for the employer 😉

How to rent a flat in Moscow?

It is quite easy our days to find and rent flat in this city. First of all you should be awarned not to deal with landlords directly – its better to use agencies to sign contract and be protected of any suprises.

photo by Corgi_T@FlickR

You can go there and there – the websites loved by expats by the way)

Where to find teacher in Moscow?

Since you have job and flat the next step is to integrate in the society and the best way to do this is to learn local language that is Russian. You can find local friends of course and chat with them but teacher can give you a skeleton of your language knowledge – so let’s go and hire such person. Here are a couple of links that can help you and are already checked by your expat collegues. First website is and the second one is

Hope this info will be usefull for you guys! If you have any questions or want to leave a feedback – feel free to do this using our new contact form. See you soon!

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