Patriarch’s Ponds

Hey everybody. These days there is quite cold autumn weather but more warm is promised for week. Taking it into consideration you should find some place to walk, breathe, speak with your friends, spouse or family. Well actually there are plenty of good parks, boulevars and so on in Moscow. But today i’d like to talk about absolutely special place. Place where you can walk and enjoy green trees in summer, admire golden leaves in autumn, go skating in winter and welcome the return of the swans in spring. Shortly speaking i want to tell you about Patriarch’s Ponds – one of my favourite places in the city. So let’s start!

This pond (only one pond despite of the name, yes) is located near the Yermolaevsky side street nearby from Mayakovskaya metro station of the green line (Zamoskvoretskaya) of Moscow metro. This place is like little Central Park of New York midst the huge city – green, calm and very nice. Here you will find nice alleys for promenade, playground for children, monument dedicated to Russian poet Ivan Krylov and miniatures from his tales.

photo by Dre_Ah@FlickR

In the summer people like to walk near the water, which can protect them from the usual Moscow summer heat (last years summers are extremely hot).

photo by Lana Mayakovskaya@FlickR

In autumn there are no better place to go on the first date – so romantic and beautiful.

photo by Moskvichka

In winter there are ice skating and other activites – like celebration of the New Year with dj and laser shows on the ice. Fantastic! You should be there if possible – magnificent view.

photo by Atsubor@FlickR

An in spring you can be the first who will see the ducks and swans returned after winter:

photo by O’budalej@FlickR

So now you can see why this place was loved by Mikhail Bulgakov so much that he placed the action of his “Master and Margarita” there.

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