Interview – Chris Gilbert

Hey everybody! For sure you are already looking forward to new Expat interview. Well, today we will talk with one more Expatriate. Chris Gilberts is an Englishman in Moscow since 2009 (although he had an experience of living here in 1991-1992 and lived in St.Pete in 2006-2007). Chris is a very positive and bright person working as a big boss in Russo-British Chamber of Commerce. By the way he is a  Formula 1 fan! Iam sure you’re enough intrigued now, so we can start!

RealMoscow: How have you decided to move to Moscow? And How do you find this city for life after all you’ve experienced?

Chris: I first came to Moscow in 1989 on a school trip, as I had recently started learning Russian. Three days was not really enough to allow me to appreciate the city, so I came back in 1991 to study for a year at the Moscow State Linguistic University, better known as Moris Tores. I have worked in or with Russia ever since, and on this “trip” have been here since 2009. I was born in London, and to be honest Moscow isn’t all that different – same pace of life, just the roads are a bit wider! At the moment I can’t imagine living anywhere else – Moscow drives you mad but somehow manages to inspire you at the same time.

RealMoscow: What is your favourite place to eat and to go out?

Chris: No special favourite places, I’ll go anywhere as long as the company’s right.

RealMoscow: Which places in Russia do you like besides Moscow?

Chris: My company also has an office in St Petersburg, where I lived a few years ago – back then I used to come to Moscow to enjoy the buzz, now I live here I go to StP to relax a little! People always ask me which I prefer, but I can’t say – and I’m not just being polite. The two places are so different, I love them both but for different reasons. I went to Vladivostok recently, fascinating place, even has a cafe in the centre run by a fellow Englishman. It’s called Five O’clock, naturally! I still have a long list of places in Russia that I’d like to go to, top of the list has to be Irkutsk and Lake Baikal.

photo by Peer Gynt@FlickR

RealMoscow: How long do you plan to stay with us in this city?)

Chris: As long as this city will have me!

That was a perfect phrase to end our interview on a very high and positive note. I liked it a lot and want to thank big “Thank you” to Chris and wish him all the best in his work and life in this crazy city which can annoy us daily but which we love nevertheless.

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