International Business Center – welcome to the 21st century

 As we often talk about places to go in Moscow – the Cityor International Business Center is for sure  a must see neighbourhood. One of my favourite places reminds me of New York or London, so if you are from America, England or smth like Hong-Kong – you will be like at home.

The Moscow International Business Center is expected to become the first zone in Russia to combine business activity, living space and entertainment in one single development. The history of City began in 1992 when preparations for the buildings started. Before construction began, the area represented an old stone quarry where most of the buildings were old factories and industrial complexes that had been closed or abandoned – Wikipedia tells us.
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Interview. Working in Moscow – Glauber Costa

Hey everybody! We are continuing our “Expat inteview” section and today we’ll talk with Glauber Costa, Brazilian Software Engineer, working at Parrallels, Moscow. As I’ve graduated from one of the Moscow Universities on the Computer Science faculty, you can imagine how Iam excited and happy to talk with this guy.

For sure you now can’t imagine how it is – to move to cold Moscow to Brazilian man with family. But this makes our interview even more interesting. Continue reading

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Moscow metro

Today we will speak about one of the most famous Moscow attractions – system of underground transport, that is Metro. From the opening of the first metro line in 1935 until now it is the most interesting place to visit. I will tell you about several beautiful stations and tell some hints and tips about using the system. By the way official Moscow Metro’ english website is

First of all you should buy a ticket to enter the station. It is better to buy it after the rush hour has gone approximately from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m is the best time to buy otherwise you will spend up to 15 minutes in the big queue (although the queues are moving quite fast). The ticket now costs about $0.90 (28 RUR).  Metro ticket  looks like usual plastic card and you can buy it only at the cash desk on the stations halls.

To buy ticket not in the rush hour is the best choise also because of the fact that women at the cash desk always do not know a single word of english and they would hardly understand ticket for many trips you want to buy and of course they won’t understand if you’ll ask them to explain how you should get to the required point (which line, where to change station etc.). So if you’ll start to chat with them while they do not understand a single word stopping by this a queue in a rush hour people can be very angry by this fat. So, you understand 😉 Continue reading

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Poll poll poll! Vote now!

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Russian food – where to find local cuisine

Hi everybody! Today we’ll talk about Russian food and where to get it fast and cheap. Even If you’re not familiar with Russian cuisine you for, while travelling or living in Moscow you have great opportunity to enjoy taste and flavour of multiple dishes. Here i will give you a top of dishes you should try being here and where you can get them. Continue reading

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Interview: Chris Helmbrecht

Hey everybody! Today we’re starting our new category of posts – interview with expats. We’ll discuss Moscow places, transport etc. And our first guest is Chris Helmbrecht. By the way he is a managing director at Kollectiv agency, so you can imagine how much cool stuff he can tell and what an interesting person he is. Also he runs a weblog about his life in Moscow. You can find it here Thus, let’s go.

Realmoscow: How have you decided to move to Moscow?

Chris: I lived in New York for a few years. After 9/11 me and a lot of my expat friends left nyc, beause there was no business anymore. I went to Spain, while some of my friends went to Moscow. A year later I went for my first Moscow visit. I didn’t like it very much and my meetings with ad agencies didn’t bring many job opportunities. a few days before I went back to Spain, I met a Bolshoi Ballerina and fell in love. After another 6 months in Spain I decided to move to Moscow and give it a try. With the ballerina, work and the city. Continue reading

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Where to buy apple and other devices in Moscow

Today the main news are all about Steve. Steve Jobs died. RIP. He was an extraordinary person,“insanely great” – his favourite phrase – entrepreneur and  engineer both in technical and mental sense. I wish he would have been living forever but, unfortunately, his way here is over.
We always will remember him – it’s so easy cause the world we know nowadays ais built by him together with other genius, politics etc. So thank you and goodbye, Steve.
But life is going on and we should positive – Steve would appreciate if even at such day people spoke not only about him as a person but also about his achievements resulted in different software, hardware and devices. As I think so, today we’ll speak about where in Moscow you can by Apple devices and not only them. Continue reading
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Moscow places. Where to eat

Hi guys! As i promised this time we’ll talk about placed to eat. Well, there are huge amount of such places and where to go depends mostly on how much you are ready to spend. If you are just about to get some fast food before going to event or smth. you can go to usual McDonald’s, KFC or Sbarro. If you want to just drink a cup of coffee or get it with you – Starbucks is on your service.
Prices may differ very much from what you can find in Europe (in both ways). Continue reading
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Moscow traffic – welcome to hell

If you’re about to rent a car and explore the city as a driver I want to ask you to re-consider this decision. If you’ll travel at night time – okay, but from 7.00 untill 22.00 in the suburbans there are huge traffic jams where you can spend up to 4-5 hours a day.I don’t think you’ll be happy about this, but now the public transport is the best – I do not say comfortable – way to move around the city. But if you eventually decided to drive by yourself I’ll tell you about some workarounds. First of all remember that rounds in Moscow are organised in circles, 4 circles to be exact – Bul’varnoe kol’tso (Boulevard circle) is the very center of the city, moves near Kremlin and other famous places, Sadovoe Kol’tso (Garden cirlce) – is the border of historical city – while driving here remember that in the mornign the inner side of this circle is moving faster and in the middle of the day situation becomes equal – trafiic on both sides. Continue reading
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Moscow center – Red October

Okay, you are in the center of Moscow armed with coupons and good mood, willing to explore this city, find the most interesting and famous places.
Well, if you’re just about to see the Red Square and St. Basils Cathedral you need to buy map and follow its instructions. I want to tell you about new placed of Moscow, that could be name the hallmark of the city.As for me, the most interesting place in nowadays city is the territory of the past chocolate Factory Red October – located on the arrow of the Moscow river – big area of red buildings is now the center of  innovation, luxury and modern life.
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