Learning Russian, WHY??!

I think that we can all agree on something: Russian is as beautiful as difficult. Life isn’t easy, and learning Russian isn’t either. Yet both of them, life and Russian are great inventions. But, unless you already know a different Slavic language, you’ll find that you were not born to learn Russian. But, using only English is the real solution? Continue reading

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Poll poll poll vol.2!!!

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Interview – Chris Gilbert

Hey everybody! For sure you are already looking forward to new Expat interview. Well, today we will talk with one more Expatriate. Chris Gilberts is an Englishman in Moscow since 2009 (although he had an experience of living here in 1991-1992 and lived in St.Pete in 2006-2007). Chris is a very positive and bright person working as a big boss in Russo-British Chamber of Commerce. By the way he is a  Formula 1 fan! Iam sure you’re enough intrigued now, so we can start!

Continue reading

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Patriarch’s Ponds

Hey everybody. These days there is quite cold autumn weather but more warm is promised for week. Taking it into consideration you should find some place to walk, breathe, speak with your friends, spouse or family. Well actually there are plenty of good parks, boulevars and so on in Moscow. But today i’d like to talk about absolutely special place. Place where you can walk and enjoy green trees in summer, admire golden leaves in autumn, go skating in winter and welcome the return of the swans in spring. Shortly speaking i want to tell you about Patriarch’s Ponds – one of my favourite places in the city. So let’s start! Continue reading

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Interview – Jessie Cumming

Hello guys! Today we will speak with a proven traveller, experienced expat and very kind person – Jessie Cumming. But these are not her only virtues. This girl from Tasmania is the coordinator of Auski, a group for Australians and New Zealanders living in Moscow and is one of the organisators of the ‘Cold Plunge for the Homeless’ which will take place once again on the 4th of February, 2012 in Moscow. Check out http://www.gdaymoscow.com (the site is under construction now though). So you understand – i was really excited before talk with such a great person so let’s go! Continue reading

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Moscow Railway Stations

Metropolitan area of Moscow is quite big and there are two ways to get out of the city – roads with taxi and public buses and suburban electric train called “elektrichka” in Russia. You can use it to get to various destinations even in the neighbouring regions like Tul’skaya oblast’, Yaroslavskaya oblast’ and other ones. As Moscow is a center of European Russia surrounded by multiple small and quite big satellite-cities population of which works in the capital and have to go to and out Moscow on a daily basis. So the suburban railway is quite developed and effective here and many many trains come everyday to main Moscow Railway Stations. Also international and inter-city long-distance trips can be taken from these stations. So today we will talk about Moscow Railway Stations – Vokzal in Russian. Continue reading

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Interview: Leigh-Ann Stewart

Hello guys! Today we have an interview with absolutely special person. And I will tell you why. It supposed to be usual interview for the website with no surprises, however this girl has completely changed the whole situation. I met such a bright, juicy, truthful answers for my sometimes boring questions that i realized that Moscow expat world has a great representative in her face. I hope you are intrigued  and excited enough already so lets go):


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Moscow HowTo

Today we will speak about more usual, mundane things like searching for the job, renting a flat or hiring a teacher for your children or yourself. First of all Moscow, like every megapolis can offer huge variety of opportunities both for your career and personal development. You just should be open to new adventures and challenges, however beeing quite careful and keeping your head cold and everything will be fantastic and you’ll enjoy life in this city. So lets move on and find out some tips and interesting information! Continue reading

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Interview: Jean-François Veneziano

Today we will speak with a very interesting person – Jean-François Veneziano, an executive director of Moscow Translation Agency will tell us about his already four-year Moscow experience, impressions the city and people have left. I was really excited before this interview cause Jean-François left an impression of a very clever, nice and knowledgeable person. And i want to say that after the interview that impression began even more deep. So, let’s go guys.

Realmoscow: How have you decided to move to Moscow? And How do you find this city for life after all you’ve experienced? Continue reading

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How to get Russian Visa

Hello everybody! Today we will enlarge our “useful stuff” section and talk about getting a Russian Visa – the thing you will definitely need in case you want to travel, work or live here. It is supposed that Russian visa is smth scare and hard to get but as it usual is in our life – the rumours are much more scarier than the reality. If you will do everythin in right sequence you will get your visa within a few days indeed without dealing with greedy tour agencies or bureaucracy.  So here you’ll find a step-by-step instruction about what and how to do to get your visa in more painless manner. Let’s go!

1. What the heck Is a Russian Visa?
A visa is a document attached to passport. If you have this you are allowed to enter and leave Russian Federation during a period specified in the document. If you are foreigner and not a citizen of Serbia or CIS countries – you are obliged to have visa to enter Russia. Continue reading

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